{ 12 } is a photographic essay on life as a stranger in a foreign land: the initial wonder that enthralled, the subsequent loneliness that engulfed, the rediscovery of the self, and eventually — yearning to return to a newfound home.


#1: Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland
#2: Kangasala, Kangasala, Finland
#3: Tuusulanjärvi, Tuusula, Finland
#4: Turku Castle, Turku, Finland
#5: Ateneuminkuja, Helsinki, Finland.
#6: Near Skálholt Cathedral, Reykjavik, Iceland.
#7: Vanha kirkkopuisto, Helsinki, Finland.
#8: Mikonkatu, Helsinki, Finland.
#9: Skibotn, Tromso, Norway.
#10: Strøget, Copenhagen, Denmark.
#11: Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia.
#12: Helsinki Harbour, Helsinki, Finland.
Irene Ng (Yr 3) did her exchange at the University of Helsinki, Finland, in Semester 1 of Academic Year 2012/2013.
These photos were mostly taken in Finland or her neighbouring countries.
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