Acad Advice

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A Very Legal Affair

by Samuel Tay in Acad Advice

At the 2023 NUS Law Career Fair, events and choices abound in this impeccably organised, multi-week, event. But is it enough to help students as they approach the next phase of their lives? There was a certain point where Eliora Joseph, chair of the Law Club Internal Affairs Directorate, realised...

The View from Halfway Up - On Taking an Emergency LOA

by Nadine Lee in Inter alia

As with most of my decisions, taking a leave of absence in Week 6 of Y2S1 was entirely unplanned. There was no brilliant plan to go and intern in Geneva for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Rather, it was like being a spectacularly inattentive pilot caught in a spectacularly bad storm. I...

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