If you frequent the Summit, you’ve probably noticed the entrance of a new stall in the recent weeks! I have to admit that on first sight, I was extremely excited. With its self-explanatory name of “eat what is good for you”, it definitely gives off very healthy and wholesome vibes — and you’ll be happy to know the food does not disappoint!

‘Eat what is good for you’

For the fitspos/health-conscious amongst us, they have a pretty wide range of proteins, greens and carbs. All three categories are also satisfied in all of their meals. If I’m not wrong, you can mix and match within each category as well! The cheapest set meal, the Garden Harvest Salad, is going at $4.90. I can’t say it’s a steal, but there are much pricier things on the menu. So instead, let’s take a look at the things that are more value-for-money.

Wild Honey Chicken Breast / $5.90

This is the most affordable protein meal at this stall and it’s pretty filling if you opt for brown rice (over baked potatoes). The chicken is tender and it tastes good with the teriyaki sauce (the other option is mushroom sauce). The sides are not spectacular, but they’re complementary enough and make you feel extra healthy about your choice!

Grilled Pacific Salmon Baked Potato / $8.90

The price can be a bit of a deterrence for this set but I definitely recommend trying the salmon if you’re feeling generous with your money. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this but the salmon here is definitely better than the one served at the Reedz cafe!



  1. Food quality is decent and it is definitely healthy.
  2. The stall owner’s kid helps out sometimes and she is very, very cute.
  3. They have a number-calling system so you don’t have to wait in front of the stall for your food. Go ahead, grab a table and buy your teh-bing before your number is called.


  1. Sometimes the sauce they pour on top of your meat of choice can be a little bit stingy. But if you’re thick-skinned enough, you can always ask for more!

Honestly there’s not much to complain about. It’s a new store in the vastly limited Summit, and I would eat there regularly.

Dead from law school but still smiling because of the food

Summit can indeed be the peak of the day. Try it!



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