When you think of soul food, you think of greasy juicy hamburgers with a side of fries topped off with some chocolate milkshake. But I guess the Malay stall is the closest you can get to soul food here in the Summit.

But no, the Malay stall does not sell hamburgers, if that’s what you’re hoping for. But I am pretty sure their fried chicken contains the same amount of oil. Accompanied with a plate FULL of nasi lemak, you can’t deny that the Malay food stall serves one of the most sinfully satisfying meals in the Summit, even if it’s not the healthiest. I firmly believe that the Malay food stall is the place to be at when you feel like the day is dark and full of terrors.

All this for only $2.50!!!!! (kopi-peng not included, though it goes extremely well with the sambal!)

But what really makes the food here ‘soul food’, is the soul of the stall itself – the nice mak cik mak ciks (aunties) that greet you with an apology if the nasi lemak runs out. It’s like they know exactly what you NEED each day, but at the same time feel apologetic for not being able to meet that need. But the good news is that they will promise to have nasi lemak and all their other side dishes all stocked up in full glory the next morning. I guess that a stall that can make you feel excited for school the next day is a great stall. But all jokes aside, these mak ciks don’t let you leave the stall without some small talk, which I assume from my many years of experience is a ‘mak cik’ trait. What is a Malay stall without mak ciks, right?

KING Kashib giving his seal of approval

If I were to ask you to take anything away from this article, it would be to firstly — order some nasi lemak with fried chicken and sambal egg and some cucumbers. Secondly, start your visit to the Malay stall with a ‘Hi Cik!!!’ for a short but meaningful conversation as you walk down the display of food items. If you’re feeling abit more ambitious or want to score a discount on that fried chicken, add an ‘Apa Khabar?’ to your greeting. No representations made on this last point!

So head over to the Malay stall right now, which among other things, gives you some motivation to run tomorrow!


Byline Kashib

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