According to BTC folklore, the story goes that hugging a petite Chinese lady in a bright yellow polo and three-quarter pants at the Summit will get you a free kimbap. I refuse to confirm nor deny this but that small lady is the guardian of a stall that many (including myself) hold dear.

Offering Korean cuisine to reasonably-good-food-deprived law students since 2016, Hwang’s is located right next to the non-Halal tray counter in Summit. Its menu contains a variety of options — from cold-dishes, like bibimbap ($4.50), to soups like kimchi ramyun ($3.50). If you love vegetals, you can ask the aunty for less rice in your bibimbap and she will substitute it with significantly more carrots and cucumbers (wow pro-tip!). For the more carnivorous among us, there is also the choice between hotplate pork, chicken or fish ($4.50-$5.50). The spice in these dishes are guaranteed to perk up your day, even if just a little! Also, all dishes come with two banchan (side dishes) and rice!

An extremely aesthetic photo taken by Sophia Rossman.


I was asked to write this article due to my apparent love for Hwang’s but I find myself burdened with the tricky task of championing my favourite stall without sabotaging my efforts with constant disclaimers of “the food is great in comparison…”; so I have decided be as upfront as possible. In my opinion, Hwang’s rises above its meager competition. However, it is but a big fish in the small, tiny, miniscule pond called Summit. It’s a great option for a meal, only if you are stuck in BTC because you still have a long way to go before completing your driving course or (perhaps more relevant to the upper years) have only 1 pitifully short hour of break between your intensives.

Yet, say what I may, actions speak louder than words and you will find me inhaling Hwang’s kimchi soup ($4.50) till it becomes the blood in my veins. It is enough to keep me awake, and my intense passion for studying fueled before retreating back to the MDC room to study.

So try indulging in some of this yummy foreign cuisine! And while doing so, just take heart in remembering that the world is bigger than law school and allow your stress to dissipate into a steaming bowl of soup.


Do I need to repeat it? I love kimchi soup.



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