Located right opposite The Central at Clarke Quay, Camera Rental Centre (CRC) is the official media partner of the upcoming Law IV musical organized by the graduating year 4s. CRC occupies 3 floors of the building at 23 New Bridge Road, with a level each dedicated to photography and videography. The other level is a space for exhibitions and workshops, appropriately named CRC Spaces. CRC also offers 2 photography studios for professional photo shoots. In fact, most of the Law IV portrait shots were done in the CRC studio!

CRC Spaces, photo courtesy of CRC

CRC Studio, photo courtesy of CRC

CRC’s collection of camera equipment available for rent is extremely impressive. CRC undoubtedly owns one of the largest collections in Canon/Nikon DSLRs and lenses in Singapore, with almost every lens in the Canon and Nikon catalogue available. The collection is so huge that a list of everything they have would probably take up more than the entire length of this article. Some of the flagship models available include the Canon 5D MkIII, Canon 1DX, Nikon D800, and the Sony A7R. They also boast a wide range of micro4/3 and mirrorless cameras, which are basically cameras that take DSLR quality photos without the size. Additionally, CRC is also one of the first companies in Singapore to have the Leica M-Type 240! A quick Google search reveals that this is probably the most high-end camera on the market right now — and it is available for rent at CRC!

Some of the big guns and tiny(but powerful, nonetheless) cameras available.

In addition to the cameras and lenses available, CRC also offers professional photographic strobes for rent, including the latest in strobe technology — the Profoto B1 Air TTL. For anyone looking to do some studio photography at home but does not have the lights, CRC can rent you the lights and even deliver them to your location!

LIGHTS! Arri D5 for video and the latest Profoto B1 Air TTL for photo.

The videography department is equally impressive. The range of equipment that CRC carries ensures that anyone ranging from the student amateur to the seasoned professional will be satisfied with their equipment choice and rental. Some of the models they own include the Canon C300 and Sony FS 700 for professional video. Not forgetting the regular consumer, they also carry a range of handheld camcorders like the Canon HFS 21. Lighting, grip and sound equipment, cranes and a grip truck are also available for rent, targeted at professionals requiring such equipment for major productions. If you’re an aspiring YouTuber hoping to follow the likes of Wah Banana! and The Ming Thing, CRC is definitely the place to satisfy all your videography needs.

Canon C300, Sony FS 700, Canon HFS21

The rental process is easy. Simply:

  1. Access their website at http://sg.camerarental.biz/, and you’ll be able to see the entire catalogue of equipment for rent, together with the price list.
  2. Call/sms/email CRC, and indicate the dates for rent.
  3. Staff will reply and confirm reservation with quotations. As a general rule of thumb, the more days you rent, or the more items you rent, the cheaper the price will be.
  4. Come down with your IC and any other documents required by the staff to collect your rented equipment.

One of the things about CRC is that most of the staff here are experienced videographers and photographers themselves, with many possessing media backgrounds. They are extremely helpful and willing to give professional and personalized advice about your needs if you are not entirely sure of the appropriate equipment you require for your project.

The friendly folks at CRC Video department

The folks of CRC Photo department. Don’t be fooled by their looks, both of them are highly knowledgeable photographers!

If you ever need a camera, lens or any other photography and videography support, CRC is the place to go! Pssst… There’s a promotion coming up for the Chinese New Year period! Rent 4 days for the price of 2! Details here: http://sg.camerarental.biz/New/New.aspx?id=63. OOOOH and also, we students get a 10% discount off rental rates till 31st July this year!

Photo courtesy of CRC

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Photography by: Lim Zhi Kang (Year 4)

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