Hello law school! Welcome back to another year at Asia’s top law school, where the students are so fine we should be deemed illegal.


This semester marks the start of something NEW. We are introduced to new modules and electives, and we were also (pleasantly) surprised by the new food at the Summit. Most importantly, we welcomed new freshmen through an exciting line up of orientation programs consisting of Law Camp, Matriculation Week and Rag & Flag.


Rest assured, the semester has just begun. There are lots of exciting events lined up for you guys — Inter-Faculty Games, LawMed games, parties and cohesions, moots, and Justified will be there with you every step along the way. As the Chief and Vice Chief Editor of Justified, it is our honor to take on this role of ensuring that the latest updates are delivered to you.


We are also bringing to you a new and improved Justified. Stay tuned for new initiatives, new articles, and new projects brought to you by our very own Justified members. Regret not being part of our awesome and happening team? Feel free to sign up anytime by contacting us via email or Facebook to be part of our big family. On the same note, we would like to thank the previous batch of Justified members for their immense contribution and guidance.


In this new semester, work hard and at the same time, play hard. We sincerely hope that the new semester is an enjoyable one for all of you, and we want to be part of that experience.


Remember, if it’s not on Justified, it never happened.


See ya later, litigator!



Warmest regards,

Chen Shilun and Mandy Koh

Chief and Vice Chief Editor

Justified AY 2015/2016


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