When was the last time you celebrated Children’s Day? Nah, not in JC and not in poly. Definitely not in the army camps (that’s for sure). Well, that’s not important because you’ve just celebrated Children’s Day in NUS Law, proudly organised by LSIRC!

Technically, we aren’t children anymore but we try to mask that by wearing our JC uniforms or secondary school uniforms. (but wait, JC and secondary school students don’t even celebrate Children’s Day….. so…. ??? Maybe we should try wearing our primary school uniforms next year). But wearing that good ol’ school uniform never felt so good before because there isn’t that disciplinary master to tell you to make sure your socks are higher than your ankles and that your skirts cannot be above your kneecaps.

Honestly, how do we make ourselves feel more “children”? WE PLAY GAMES! (I mean, how do we else could we relive our childhoods besides playing games?) There were several game booths set up:

(1)  WIN $200 ($1 for 5 tries) a.k.a “the addictive game”:

The odds of winning were as big as the circle (size of a 50 cent coin)

The objective is to flick a 50cent coin into a small circle (not much larger than the exact dimensions of that 50cent coin). As you can probably tell, the chances of winning are high (if you are LSIRC). BUT, you do get a few jellies as consolation prize if your 50cent coin ends up in the “jelly” area. But then again, that’s what children do: try to extract fun out of anything. I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed the “I’m gonna win it” feeling while playing! I’m sure the spectators felt it too!

“I’m so gonna get that $200 with THIS FLICK.. C’mon”

(2)  Junk in your trunk a.k.a “Miley-Cyrus-wanna-be”:

With a tissue box filled with 5 ping pong balls, the aspiring artiste must shake out the 5 ping pong balls within 1 minute without the use of hands. It was really an eye-opener for many to see people bend over backwards to shake out the balls.

(I really think some people were sponsored to play this game just for a good laugh…)

Wait, isn’t this more Michael Jackson than Miley Cyrus?

(3)  “Go the distance” & “Moving on up”:

In “Go the distance”, participants have to use a measuring tape as a bridge to roll 3 ping pong balls into 3 cups at distances of 3, 5, 7 feet away.

For those undergraduate lounge ping pong warriors, I bet you guys didn’t know ping pong balls could be used in this way. Give this game a try when you guys are sick of ping pong (if you guys can ever be).

In “Moving on up”, participants have to move a red cup from the bottom of a stack of cups to the top using alternate hands within 1 minute. (I doubt you can understand what this means unless you see a real demonstration. Look for any LSIRC member for a demo if you want to know)

(4)  FOOD:

How can your childhood be complete without FOOD? Most of us will remember our childhood as THE TIME when you could eat anything non-stop and not feel fat or guilty. For this Children’s Day, we had IKEA hot-dog buns and jellies!!


Just look at their happy faces!

(5)  Photo booth:

I think this was the most popular booth at the entire event. I wonder if any Instax cameras died during that day. But then again, who would miss this glorious opportunity to see their friends clad in the nostalgic school uniform? A great THANK YOU on behalf of the school population who mercilessly flooded this booth for photos!

I guess I need not post more photos as there are already plenty circulating on Facebook!

It was a truly nostalgic Children’s Day experience. I guess it’s been a long time since everyone truly celebrated Children’s Day and who would have thought you’d do it in university. Hope you all had a great Children’s Day at NUS Law!

Article by: Jordy Kay (Year 1)

Photography by: Jordy Kay (Year 1) and Emma Gan (Year 2)

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