For the uninitiated, DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) is a video game played between two teams of 5 players. Each player controls a hero and the aim of the game is to destroy the other team’s ancient. Warning: From this point on, levels of DOTA jargon and memery increase tenfold.

Day 1

Team Law entered IFG DOTA with the intention of crushing all spirit in the opposing faculties. And we did just that. 9-0. ‘Nuff said.

Law vs SDE (2-0)

Armed with the knowledge that Cleon’s Antimage (AM) basically secures free wins, Captain Marcus drafts it in both games.   SDE has no idea how to deal with the blinkin’ and slammin’ mohawkman. SDE loses.

Law vs Yale-NUS (2-0)

Unfortunately, due to replay errors, the games against Yale-NUS could not be retrieved. All Law knew was that games were so ez that lunch was early.

Law vs Med (2-0)

This series served as a stark reminder to Medicine that doctors should just stick to doing things that doctors do, whatever they do. After losing all their lanes in the early game, Medicine is hemmed within their base. This gives free rein to AM, and he ends the game with a whopping 890 GPM and 1088 XPM. In the second game, Marcus picks Spirit Breaker for Ser Kai to further pound Medicine’s already limp and lifeless spirits. Despite losing all lanes again and being behind substantially in net worth, Medicine refuses to give up. Finally, Marcus buys refresher on his Storm Spirit. He then suicides with bloodstone, refreshes it and suicides again to show Medicine how futile their attempt is. No GG was called however, and it takes a destroying of the ancient to put Medicine down.

The team looks forward to meeting Medicine again in the annual LawMed games. EZ game EZ life.

Law vs Science (2-0)

Like the other teams, Science makes the mistake of giving AM away in the first game. Together with Ser Kai’s space-creating Brewmaster, AM rips through Science’s lineup of heavy magical damage to secure the first win. In the second game, Science picks up the balanced hero Bloodseeker (BS) against Law’s Juggernaut. The game takes longer than expected, as our boys were tired after playing 7 games. However, with some amazing Reverse Polaritys (RPs) by Magical Marcus’ Magnus, the heavily stacked Jugg is too much for BS to handle.

It was a pretty sight, but not for Team Science.

It was a pretty sight, but not for Team Science.

Law vs Computing (1-0)

Law gives away balanced blue disco pony Leshrac, much to the surprise of spectators. Leshrac goes off to a great start, completing a quick bloodstone and getting a killstreak. Meanwhile in the safelane, Cleon’s AM suffers like never before under the pressure of a trilane of Mirana, Ancient Apparition and Shadow Demon. In come Mark’s Bounty Hunter and Ser Kai’s Spirit Breaker to hunt bounties and break spirits, giving AM space to (finally) get his prized Battlefury. Through an amazing manta dodge by AM, AM kills Leshrac to end his streak and momentum. Ah, so that was plan — feed Leshrac to feed AM. All according to keikaku. AM becomes unstoppable and Computing concedes to his greatness. As both teams were tired and already through to the semi-finals, Computing agreed to record the score as 2-0 in our favour, giving us a perfect 15 points in the group stage and allowing us to maintain our honour.

Zheyi dies for Cleon’s sins.

Zheyi dies for Cleon’s sins.

Image 3

Much precision. Such click. Antimage intensifies.

The teams that made it to the semi-finals were Law, Computing, Engineering and FASS. Elated at their perfect run, the Law team went home to rest in preparation for the next day.

Day 1 TL;DR: AM wins games. Volvo pls nerf.

Day 2


Law vs FASS (2-0)

Although FASS was captained by Reddit-star Zenoth-sama, they were still run over in game 1 by the Law train which had no brakes. AM wrecked the game, resulting in a 22 minute GG. Somehow, they didn’t learn their lesson and gave Cleon AM again. (seriously?) Despite them being able to control the AM with a Blood Seeker, FASS was unable to hold their lead as the rest of the team, especially Marcus’ signature Zeus, showed them who’s boss. Team Law went to fight Roshan while AM did AM things, taking top rax. Mistakes were made and BS died back. Gg no re. On to the finals!


Law vs Engineering (3-2)

Having gone undefeated thus far, Law entered the finals with great confidence and the hope of winning Law’s first gold in three years. However, Engineering proved a tough nut to crack, as their team consisted of high MMR players, one of whom was Cleon’s ex-teammate Seth ‘Desert Tiger’ Low.

Game 1

Having seen the devastation that AM had wrought upon the other teams, Engineering smartly drafted AM for themselves and banned out other carries such as Jugg and Phantom Lancer (PL). After a brief discussion, Law chose Morphling as their carry. Engineering’s Undying and Phoenix tried to shut down Morph in the safe lane but the game drew even as both teams avoided engagements, focusing on split pushing. As late game drew nearer, both Morph and AM were almost 6-slotted. However, Law managed to take all the Roshans and inflict structural damage by taking bottom rax. At a crucial moment however, Morph holds his Replicate for too long and ends up dying. What a noob. Engineering push down mid as 5 determined to end the game. Although Morph buys back to defend, he falls under the combined onslaught of AM and Shadow Fiend (SF). DIEBACK. Law is one game down while Cleon is $322 richer.

Image 4

The throw is real

Game 2

Team Law is convinced that that was only a throw and Engineering could not possibly be better. However, Game 2 goes even worse and AM is banned out by Engineering this time. Jugg gets first blooded by Seth’s Queen of Pain (QoP) after contesting the bounty rune. Every lane suffers casualties and Marcus’ Lina even gets solo killed by QoP. The enemy witch doctor gets an early killstreak. Meanwhile, Jugg falls to a dual lane of Tusk and Undying because they are balanced heroes. It’s a disaster. Law quickly concedes, unable to stop Engineering’s deathball push.

Team morale is low and Law is one game away from silver. Team Captain Marcus Lim steps up and calls for a tactical discussion. Team Law decides to ban out Undying and take Tusk for themselves, effectively denying Engineering of their two strong offlaners. Manager Rachel Koh also brings chocolate chip cookies and dewberry biscuits to help restore morale. She said, “If anyone has the chance to do a 3-game comeback, it’s you guys.” Such faith.

All powerful cookies, retailing for $1.50 per pack at NTUC. Get yours today!

All powerful cookies, retailing for $1.50 per pack at NTUC. Get yours today!

Game 3

Marcus channels his inner PPD and gives up AM while drafting a counter. With a Lone Druid (LD) clutch pick, Engineering was unprepared for the deathball that ensued. Jugg and SF outfarmed the AM due to the pressure LD and the supports kept on him. Team Law gathered for an early Roshan that Engineering could not contest. They arrived too late and although they took the aegis, Team Law won the teamfight 2-0. After random shenanigans on the map, Engineering quickly called GG when they realised their underfarmed AM didn’t stand a chance.


Team Engineering sacrifices two heroes for an aegis.

Team Engineering sacrifices two heroes for an aegis.

Game 4

In Game 4, Engineering picked SF QoP straight off the bat. Facing such midgame strength, Law decides to go for a lineup centered around global mobility and split push, picking up Zeus, Clock and PL as cores, witch doctor and tusk as supports. Although they attempt to trilane PL, the other two lanes do reasonably well. Ser Kai on his Clock makes several key rotations to shut down the SF. As the game progresses, Engineering are unable to deal with the PL split push and are unable to push into Zeus. Zeus gleefully continues picking off supports with ease and although Engineering attempt to gank PL, Doppelganger frustrates their efforts. In an exciting skirmish at top lane, Engineering’s QOP blinks to safety, only to die to one unexpected bounce of Zheyi’s WD’s agha death ward, which only reached her via two wonderfully positioned teammates. With PL grabbing the aegis, the cancer became real and Engineering had to accept defeat.

Mark’s fanclub had many new additions that day.

Mark’s fanclub had many new additions that day.

You can’t run from heaven.

You can’t run from heaven.

Doppelganger balanced skill Kappa.

Doppelganger balanced skill Kappa.

The difference between Law supports and Engineering supports.

The difference between Law supports and Engineering supports.

Game 5

Having pulled the score back to 2-2, morale is high again and Team Law is ready to take the gold. Engineering also replaces their mid with a substitute player. AM is banned out once again and so Law picks up Jugg for the third time. Engineering counter with a Wraith King pick as their carry. From the get-go, Law asserts dominance, with Zheyi’s Dazzle and Cleon’s Jugg zoning out the Phoenix, leaving him at level 2 ten minutes into the game. Marcus’ Storm Spirit dances around the map like a seasoned ballerina, taking objectives and kills. Taking an early aegis again, Team Law manages to push down the middle rax. However, Engineering manages to turtle long enough for Wraith King to pick up a Divine Rapier. Not wanting to throw the last game, Team Law plays safe, patiently chipping away at the rax while waiting for Roshan. All the cores are maxed out, so aegis and cheese go to the supports. Eventually, Team Law fight their way through the double Global Silence and take down SF and WK. Although WK buys back, he can do nothing with the rest of his team dead.

Team Law wins TI6!!!

Team Law wins TI6!!!

> Good game, well played!

TEAM LAW VICTORY! FIRST GOLD IN 3 YEARS! We have brought honour to law school and should thus be treated as kings till the next gold.

Standing, from left: Manager Rachel ‘Rachquit’ Koh (Year 4), Marcus ‘麵’ Lim (Year 4), Tian ‘Ardent’ Kuang Kai (Year 4), Eng ‘ShiKai’ Ser Kai (Year 1), Yiu ‘Lucid’ Kai Tai (Year 2) Seated, from left: Cleon ‘loveh’ Fong (Year 1), Feng ‘PandaEyes’ Zheyi (Year 2), Mark ‘WADDLE WADDLE’ Leong (Year 3)

Standing, from left: Manager Rachel ‘Rachquit’ Koh (Year 4), Marcus ‘麵’ Lim (Year 4), Tian ‘Ardent’ Kuang Kai (Year 4), Eng ‘ShiKai’ Ser Kai (Year 1), Yiu ‘Lucid’ Kai Tai (Year 2)
Seated, from left: Cleon ‘loveh’ Fong (Year 1), Feng ‘PandaEyes’ Zheyi (Year 2), Mark ‘WADDLE WADDLE’ Leong (Year 3)

Day 2 TL;DR: Team Law wins games. Volvo pls nerf.

Written by:

Cleon Fong (Year 1)

Rachel Koh (Year 4)

Photography by:

Rachel Koh (Year 4)

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