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IFG swimming won 3rd overall for both Male and Female! tbh it’s been a super fun journey lol i think we’re one of the few ifg sports who actually started training right after law camp and trained consistently once a week with like… 2k swim sets lmao but its not even bc i was on about training it was mostly just bc my team was damn fun and i didn’t mind going through the pain with them. cant believe im saying this LOL I hate swimming so much ugh but the juniors were rly so passionate about training and the seniors were so supportive. even during comps we just went in with the attitude of #teamnotlast so it was a pleasant surprise that we actually got 3rd overall – even 2nd for 4×50 free female and 3rd for 4×50 medley male!!! the competition was rly SIAO lol we were up against illegal ivp swimmers but we just went for it. ifg podium finish is rly some historical shit. we were very happy. hoho rly much loves for the ifg swimming team (even those who ended up not making the team) and would just like to thank them for being so persistent in training la :heart:”

Credit: Chow Ee Ning (Y2)



Group stage: biz (1-0), usp (1-0), medicine (1-0, they forfeited), sci (0-1, they insisted we be disqualified for being late) semi-finals: engin (2-0) finals: sci (3-1).

Credit: Cleon Fong (Y4)



Credit: Tan Wei Sze (Y2)



1. Law v Computing: won 3-1
Try-scorers: Anders, Sufi, Kyle
It was an easy game against worthy opponents Computing, with our mids setting up the plays well and neatly scoring 3 tries. This game proved that we are indeed the talent that doesn’t (need to) work hard jk”

2. Law v SDE: lost 3-0
We were hoping to win SDE so we could make it into semis, but alas SDE was too formidable for us HAHAH. Their tryline attacks were good and messed with our defence, so they eventually scored 3 tries by burning us on the outside”

3. Law v Dentistry: won 2-1
Try-scorers: Nicholas, Mike
Almost had a heart attack during this game cos we were tied 1-1 with DEN in the first half. In a last ditch effort to gain more tries, our star player Kyle made a cross-kick to Joel (which isn’t allowed in touch HAHA) who skilfully caught it. However the ref wasn’t impressed by Kyle and Joel’s mad skillz so we got a penalty. But in the end Mike scored the last try that secured our win so all’s g”

4. Law v USP: lost 2-1
Try-scorer: Nicholas
Most embarrassing loss of our matches, but we were tired and missing pivotal players. USP was organised and kept rucking up against our mids, who have been working very hard having to take 4 consecutive touches like best team player Mike. Even though we lost to USP, at least we didn’t lose that badly because we have Anders’ quick hands and hard runs at the tryline giving a nice pop to Nicholas who did a beautiful swan dive. We were also very salty that the ref called a touch on Alex and denied him a hard-earned try on the outside (Alex vehemently insists he was not touched)”

5. Law v FASS: lost 5-0
Landslide victory to FASS but it’s okay because we had the most fun. Fav friendly giant Alex also decided to roll in the mud with a FASS friend/player but sadly no one was interested enough to card them.”

I think we enjoyed training for IFG Trug and built good friendships which is what’s most important!! We also had new players like Banu, Nicole Lim and Nicholas who played commendably in the face of pressure, rucking hard and taking positive touches well. Gjob guys 🙂 Fun fact: Biz got overall 4th but we won Biz 3-2 during a friendly so we could’ve been 4th actly hehe”

Credit: Cheng Wai Yee (Y2)



Law : SDE

16 : 10

Law: Computing


Law : Sciencence

11 : 21

Law : FASS

16: 17

Law : YNC


Law: YNC


Credit: Jerry Wang (Y2)



“I think that Joli and I could really see everyone’s progress since the first training we had/ last year, and it really shows that if you take the time to train, we can do better together.

Watching from the sidelines cause I baika, I rly think our defence was rly quite sick + we challenged them for most of the balls so it’s really a matter of getting people to come down, commit and work together:) we really had that at the end of last year, so great team spirit and dedication really helped! joli and i are p proud of the team and we know that we will get better.”

Credit: Quek Lu Yi (Y2)



“In our group stages we won 7-0 against USP, 4-0 against dentistry, drew 2-2 against FASS and lost to med. so we are in the semis as runner up of our group!

Semis against sci”

Credit: Eugene Pang (Y2)



We played 4 games:

2-1 to Med

2-0 win against USP

2-0 to YNC

3-0 win against COM

This year, we were blessed with quite a number of experienced players – be it players who used to represent their school or players who have played for IFG.

I remember losing to Med 7-0 last year and to think we almost held them off to a draw this year really upped my team’s confidence. The most memorable moment was when Medicine brought in their first team in the second half after a 0-0 scoreline at halftime with their second team.

During our second game, spirits were high as our set pieces were working well against USP. With a strong defence, our attackers were able to penetrate the opponent’s half to score some goals.

Playing against YNC was a challenge as they had many experienced and buff players. Despite losing by 2-0, we were heartened to know that medicine also lost to YNC albeit 1-0. This proved that YNC was not only a tough opponent to us, but other faculties as well.

In our last game against computing, we knew that we weren’t going to make it to the next round. Thus, we just went onto the field to have fun. It was heartening to see players who have never played soccer before on the field.

This year was a good year for the soccer girls and hopefully we will have an even better LawMed season!”

Credit: Trixie Ng (Y2)



Medicine 2 Law 0

FASS 1 Law 0

Biz 1 Law 1

Dentistry 1 Law 0

“It was a very commendable effort put up by the Law IFG Floorball boys team.

Unfortunate to concede 2 goals in the last 2 minutes against a very strong Medicine team.

Unlucky for the boys to come away with only a draw against last year’s finalist, business, after scoring first against them.

Overall, very good effort and fighting spirit by the team.”

Credit: Tay Yang (Y2)



Medicine: 1-2

Ync: 1-2

Sde: 0-0

Usp: 1-0

Computing: 0-0

“We improved tremendously. It was a good showing this year.”

Credit: Gan Jia Yi (Y2)



Badminton played against
1. Dentistry (won 4-1)
2. Engineering (lost 3-2; mixed doubles was super close 21-15 & 21-19, but still lost la)
3. YNC (won 4-1)
4. SDE (lost 3-2)
5. Business (lost 4-1)

Credit: Li Jin Jie (Y2)



Law (2) — Dentistry (3)

Law (2) — USP (3)

Law (0) — Med (5)

Law (0) — Engine (5)

Under fresh leadership, the Law Table Tennis team walked into the IFG venue with great confidence and high aspirations. With the new inclusion of Y1 Pingz superstars Justin Tan and Ong Jie Hao, the team was looking at nothing less than a podium finish.

The first two games against Dentistry and USP were hard fought, where Law narrowly lost out to both teams. The mantle of playing the hardest men’s singles game was handed to Y1 Pingz prodigy Justin Tan. During warm-up, Justin was brimming with confidence and sought to end his opponent’s pain by winning the game quickly. However, just before the game started, the umpire decided to introduce a new ball. Unfortunately, the introduction of a basketball, new table tennis ball threw Justin off. He was unable to get his smashes in and the game ended quickly just as Justin wished — except that it was not in his favour. After the match, the team rallied around Justin, giving him (obligatory) comforting words while helping him wipe off his tears.

Meanwhile, in the female doubles, Y2 Pingz experts Chiew Hui and Deirdre featured in their very first competitive table tennis game. As the team was standing quite a distance away, a reasonable inference was made that both Chiew Hui and Deirdre were demolishing their opponents as they were laughing and smiling throughout. Unfortunately, it turned out that their laughter was equivalent to that of a student who realised he cannot answer a single question in his exams.

A week later, we were up against Med and Engine. After a week of reflection and binge-watching videos of Ma Lin and Zhang JiKe, the team was looking to stage a surprise win against the two powerhouses. Alas, soon, the team realised that trouncing fellow schoolmates at the law lounge was not a good indicator of our supposed invincibility. The law team was quickly trounced 5-0, where both games ended in 1 hour (we were allocated 4 hours for both games).

The law team huddled together for the very last time at the end, swearing to improve and bring back honour and glory for the faculty in 2019. Reciting the pledges the law table tennis team made since 1965.

Till 2019!”

Credit: Joshua Ng (Y2)



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