After all the dust has settled and the fires put out, another year’s Law Careers Fair has ended. One is left clutching the spoils of war (folders, pamphlets, pens, sweets, mouse(s)/mice?) — you get the gist) and wondering: now, which firm should I stick around with this holiday? Intern at a distinguished international law firm which promises great learning opportunities, an exciting range of specialisations to choose from, and yummy promotion prospects, or at a small closely-held tightly-knit warm-‘n-fuzzy set-up which promises all of the above, plus a round of booze on Fridays weekly? I generalise.

But these are serious questions indeed – how does one make a choice from such a spread of choices? This author suggests a method around the madness: the quality of experience you’ll get at a particular firm is directly proportionate to the quality of attractions said firm gives out at its booth (give or take a few sleepless and several 5-inch ring-binder files of memos). It isn’t a foolproof formula, that’s for sure — but a way is better than no way when faced with an intimidating range of choices and so little time to wrap one’s head around them.

Overheard at the Moot Court on the first day of Careers Fair: “Oh my god, look at the number of them booths! Let’s split up — you go left.” (:

This author admits that certain firms have upped their game for this year’s Fair. Perhaps it’s the feedback they received from last year’s fair. Perhaps it’s some innovative young lawyer who knows exactly what attracts the young lawyers-to-be in NUS Law. Perhaps the new boss has a sweet tooth. Whatever it is, one can never go wrong with gelato. Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? You can’t eat diamonds.



Shao Hsien and Amooooose looking out for goodies! (:

Others firms have noticed the correlation: carrot is to rabbit as candy is to young people. Got that right. (:

Important criteria to bear in mind when choosing an internship.

Some firms work this generation’s love of technology to their advantage — from thumb-drives to iPhone chargers (which this author regretfully did not manage to get her hands on) to wireless mouse(s), there’s apparently nothing you can’t put your name on.


Almost all firms loaded interested students with their polished, professional pamphlets.

Just some papers I picked up.

And a couple even kindly provided a mode of transporting the goods.

The messenger-boy look’s in again

All in all, Law Careers Fair 2012 was pretty enjoyable (read: this year’s haul was pretty fruitful). It takes some skill to learn to navigate the maze of booths, people, and goodies, but there’s always next year’s Fair to practise on.

Law Annual wishes all those applying for internships this holiday (and those who are already applying for training contracts — why are you even thinking about it now) all the very best! (:


Article contributed by: Tay Jingxi (Law 2)

Photography by: Irene Ng (Law 2) and Tay Jingxi (Law 2)



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