Love was in the air.

The team from LSIRC brought romance to the hallways of Bukit Timah Campus with some Valentine’s Day goodies.

We started feeling the love a week before, when poems written by some of our dearest professors were released on the LSIRC Valentine’s Day website. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Oh please, that’s terribly passé. The line currently in vogue – Is falling in love a tort?

Who can resist these poems that tickle your insides with a certain warmth and nerdiness that make #FedValentines sadly wanting? That’s like asking who can resist milk (tea) and cookies.

And milk (tea) and cookies we had! The KOI Bubble Tea and Subway Cookies that were up for grabs were snapped up in a jiffy. You were lucky if you ordered yours in advance.

There were also mugs lovingly decorated by our friends at LSIRC, with adorable sayings written on them. My personal favourite was one with the quote by HIMYM’s Marshall in his ‘Studyin’ Law’ scene that strikes an achingly endearing chord within us. A pun should be inserted here involving mugs and mugging, but I am no pundit, and couldn’t come up with one funny enough.

Perhaps the most exciting thing that happened was the musical hit squad that went round the school shooting musical arrows faster than cupid, as they sang and played the latest hits. The buskers added that extra oomph to the Valentine’s Day atmosphere with their romantic melodies and quirky antics (must be the sugar rush from all the KOI, cookies and lurvin’).

As lunchtime drew to a close, the music ended and the bubble tea sold out. The dust settled gently on the pavement as some of us made our way out of school to spend the rest of the day with friends and family.

The rest of us trod along the corridors to that familiar spot in the library (or Angsana), looking forward to spending some quality time with textbooks, cases and LAWR assignments. #Foreveralone

We hope you’ve managed to get yourself enough love to last you a whole year till February 14th comes by again, bringing with it a magic that makes people just a little happier and a little nicer to each other.

But until then, being a lawyer had better be awesome.


Article contributed by: Desmond Chng (Law 1)

Photography by: Rachel Soh (Law 1)

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