Presenting to you… *drum roll please* your star players, history makers, game changers from the Faculty of Law! Okay, I kid, but we (or rather, our star player, Shannon) did make history by scoring our very first 2 goals since the beginning of time.


Image 1

(From left to right): Yan Xuan, Callie, Ning Jie, Valerie, Gina, Trinisha, Shannon, Ermy, Mathea, Su, Kay, Madeline


The first half proved to be teeth clenching as the Faculty of Medicine took the lead, leaving us with a score of 5-0. Nonetheless, our team players put on an amazing fight! Even though none of the players (save for two on the field at that time) could kick the ball beyond 2 meters, I thought it was an amazing feat that we managed to get the ball into Medicine’s half for at least 1/3 of the game. (Hahaha).


Image 2

Mathea valiantly defending the ball


However, it was at the moment we spotted Shannon dashing towards the field (almost as if she knew that we desperately needed help) in the middle of the first half, that we knew that there was hope. *cues mission impossible theme song*. When we witnessed Shannon’s footwork on the field, Valerie whispered in my ear: “I think, we might be able to score one goal”. The excitement was truly palpable.


Image 3

Shannon on the field


But of course, we scored not just one, but two goals!!!


Image 4

In true spirit of Law Med


Most of us on the soccer team have no experience and really joined for the fun of it all. Mathea’s such a great and fun coach to have you will never find yourself saying no to training! Having witnessed how badly we got trashed at IFG last year, I would really say that the results this time were pretty amazing.


Even though we did not emerge as winners of the games, the team definitely had fun and forged great friendships, intra and inter faculty. There were hilarious moments of our teammates missing the ball on the field, or looked as if they were ready to dance, instead of play soccer, but there were also instances of true camaraderie and caring for one another. It was definitely a good game after all!


Let’s aim to get 3 goals the next time, yea?


Writer: Yan Xuan (Y2)

Photographer: James (Y2)

Yan Xuan

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