Matriculation Week 2015 had the freshies weak in their knees with the foreshadowing of the academic rigour that is to come in the next four years and, at the same time, tickled their toes with much delight.  Matriculation Week (28 to 31 July 2015) is a yearly Orientation affair to officially welcome and matriculate the incoming class.

As exams are upcoming, we are reminded of the near end of this semester and how it has zoomed past. It has been almost three months since the freshies were officially welcomed by the Dean and Academic Staff at the Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony. As the their first semester in law school almost draws to a close, we wonder if the freshies now realise the wisdom of the advice dispensed during the Academic Talks or the Networking Session? Or perhaps they look back at the more carefree days before school started –  carefree days of Games, and fun activities such as Picnic Under The Stars and Dinner & Dance?

Yes, we miss those days when we were not stuck in the library/angsana too.

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Formal/Academic-Related Events

Matriculation Week would not be complete without formal events that signal and prepare the start of the a new academic life, be it after a 8-month or 2-year break.

We kick-started Matric Week with the launch of the eighth edition of ‘The Law School Companion’. The Companion kindly sponsored by Rajah & Tann, provides advice from numerous Professors and various experts in the legal industry

After which we powered through with legal advice from various lawyers at the Networking Session, moderated by Vice-Dean, Professor Eleanor Wong. These lawyers were invited by the Faculty who kindly took their time off to share their experiences.

On day 2, Professor Tan Lee Meng, who is currently a Senior Judge of the Supreme Court, gave a lively and inspiring talk to the freshmen about his many years of legal experience and assured the freshmen that they would be alright in Law School.

On day four of Matric Week, we had our CCA fair which showcased the various sub-clubs in NUS Law. Freshies were poached by various CCA leaders and seniors to join them.


O-delightful Games

In total, we had two games segment that left freshies wanting for more. There were cool and creative games… actually we can’t really remember them  like arm wrestling, dance central and even literally acting against your conscience. Well, these activities disguised as “games” were actually for us to find out who were the closet dancers and arm wrestlers.

wah i shy to look at their biceps – Phoebe

Days when we were too cool for school.

Putting what they learned in rag to good use.

Heyyy sexy ladies feat. Dominic Kwok

The fun games had OG 10 begging for more

We have no idea what is happening here too…

Dean Simon Chesterman dubbed this as the ‘Amazing Race’ segment on his Facebook page 

There was also rag showcase that left us all in awe.


Picnic Under The Stars (31st July)

Now, where else can Picnic Under The Stars be held other than…well, under the stars? Unfortunately, it was raining the evening of PUTS and we had no choice but to activate the wet weather plan and shifted everything to the Auditorium, where we had Picnic Under Artificial Stars instead (close enough, no?). The rain didn’t dampen spirits when there was food, beer, and good music. This year, we opened votes for the freshies to choose their favourite PUTS band who performed at Dinner and Dance subsequently.

Winners of PUTS – Rush and Pals

Cool drum solo Samuel

If you squint a little, they do look like stars!

I’m cute hor, this is my only chance appearing on Justified – Hao Zhi, 2015


Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony

The Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony was held on 3 August and the Guest of Honour was Mr Thio Shen Yi.

Vice-Dean Professor David Tan’s address

Dean Chesterman with Guest of Honour Mr Thio Shen Yi


Dinner and Dance and Pageant (15 August)

Dinner and Dance and Pageant marked the finale of Matriculation Week. It was a night where the freshmen dress to the nines and impressed. Not only were there were performances by the Year 2 seniors and the PUTS winners, Rush and Pals, the Pageant contestants gamely put up a lip-sync battle-performance.

At the same time, there was an actual Photo Booth outside the Guild Hall for the freshmen to get free prints. This year we managed to invite local social media superstars, Andrea and Christabel which created a lot of excitement especially for the boys. The night ended with the crowning of the 2015 Law King and Queen.


Oscar selfie bojio?

M5 Yang Xi teaches how to pose to charm the girls

Shu Yih and Cassmine as Law King and Law Queen 2015!

Pageant contestants and the guest judges, Andrea Chong and Christabel, or more commonly known as @dreachong and @bellywellyjelly respectively

Special thanks to all Matric Week Committee members (Weijie, Michael, Jia Ying, Shawn, Bryan, Nicholas, Kai Tai, I-Lin, Theodore, Ivan, Hao Zhi, Phoebe, Mandy, Siranath) you guys were awesome and we couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with! Muacks!

Welcome Class of 2019!


Written by: Tan Phoebe (Year 2) and Mandy Koh (Year 2)

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