Over a three-month period from June to August, NUS Law engages in a long-held tradition of welcoming new freshmen into the school through a series of Orientation programs. This series aims to cover the highlights of this year’s Orientation.

Law Bash – LUXURIA

Bash. Well what is it? It’s basically pageant, but with a whole new set of additions compared to the previous years. This was a whole new ball game, or should I say club game that was held in the second week of school.

It was held at Yang, a newly opened club located at Clarke Quay, the heart of the clubbing scene of Singapore. But what’s so special about the pageant being at Yang? In my opinion, it was special in so many ways.

First, unlike previous renditions of pageant, friends of the bashies could come down to support as it was open to public. The scale of the event thus multiplied, and, in turn, the enjoyment levels multiplied too!

Sales were so good that there had to be a separate ticketing counter outside Yang itself to cater to the demand!

Secondly, the ambience provided by the club’s interior was remarkable. It allowed all the law students to go wild to  the amazing performances put up by the bashies – I mean, who wouldn’t love some entertainment to make the boredom go away especially since it was a good way to get away from the books.

The wonderful ambience can be observed in this wonderful photograph: the Bash judges (from left to right) Mr. Jaypy Pillay, Ms. Tyen Rasif and Ms. Karyn Ooi smiling in the foreground, with the audience mingling in the background.

And thirdly, let’s just say the night was long! 😉

The show opened with introduction of all the bashies coming out in the swimsuits. But before your mind starts wandering, this author is adamant about her refusal to post the photos. You can call this the PG version, but let’s just say the girls got a good show with the guys showing off their six packs, and vice versa.

Sorry, the only steamy photo you’ll get is one of Mr. Bodi, who makes his re-appearance after Law Camp!

Following the steamy section, there was a dance performance put up by the boys, followed by the girls.

The dance performance by the boys got some people wet as they sprayed the entire audience with their water guns.

The girls then rocked the stage with their dance moves. Safe to say, participating in RAG paid off!

After an energy-filled first segment, the first audience game was played: Audience Dance Off!

To show us the gold standard of dancing, our guest judge Mr JP threw some cool moves and made it seem as easy as one two three. Subsequently, the contestants that took the stage were such that it was junior-senior face-off. And not just any seniors but the RAG Dance Instructors, Tyronne and Jolene.

Jolene lifting Tyronne of the ground with ease – boys, do not mess with Jolene!

It was a fierce competition indeed which left the floor burning but in the end the juniors pair consisting of Philip and Cynthia won with that they learnt from S2N.

Phillip and Cynthia performing their S2N routine that won them the prize.

After the winners left the stage, the talent round commenced with the common theme of a girl falling in love with a guy just like a typical Bollywood movie.

To start us off, we had the pair from Solaris, Journe Fu and Nicole Marie, who serenaded us with their voices. After some songs, the performance ended with an emotive dance scene featuring the pair in their very own OCS singlets! (This author found out that there was an inside joke relating to the OCS singlets.)

Next up, we had Jonathan Wong and Christabelle Tan representing Emerald. The club was a bit too dark at this point, but we were treated to an innovative dance performance featuring light strips.

The third to take the stage was Vermillion house, who treated us to their take on what the song “A Whole New World” in Aladdin means. During the performance, Chen Jun Wei wore a carpet on his back and carried Nicole Ng around the stage on his back. Truly, the world must look different from higher up!

Last but not least, Sean Rappa and Neo Yiling rocked the stage with their adorable performance. Dancing in their onesies, they jammed to the music.

Following the talent segment was the much anticipated Lucky Draw. Prizes ranged from a staycation (not that this author has anyone to go with) to a Ninetendo switch (not that this author knows how to play it). Despite my inability to appreciate these prizes, this author has to admit that she is somewhat salty that she did not win any prizes.

Ms. Tyen Rasif, our guest judge, giving away the Nintendo Switch.

After the wonderful giveaways, LUXURIA proceeded with the formal gown segment. Donning on their suits from Suit Supply and evening gowns from Tiara Bridal, the bashies bedazzled the audience. Their hairstyles and makeup complemented their looks.

Even Jack and Rose from the Titanic would have fainted from this scene! 

As the formal gown segment ended, the atmosphere of the venue turned suspenseful. The tension in the air was palpable as the nerve-wracking announcement of the results commenced.

Ultimately, Jonathan Wong was crowned Law King, while the title of Law Queen was given to Neo Yiling. Congratulations!

But as the event drew to a close, everyone was happy and grins were plastered on everyone’s faces. Despite the competitive nature of Bash, this author believes that everyone is a winner. As seen from the picture above, it is clear that the value in Bash is not just winning, but winning the chance to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

It was truly a night to remember!

And…. That’s sadly the end of Freshmen Orientation. We hope you have enjoyed this series brought to you by the Justified team. Take care folks and signing out!


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