On first glance, most might think that they are opposites — Jun Han with his shimmering fair skin and Andrea with her sun-kissed, healthy shade of tan. As the interview continued, some kind of chemistry that developed between them was revealed as they both share similar interests (Japan and exercising) and are candid people.

1.What do you like doing in your free time? / What are your interests?

Jun Han: I like to spend a lot of time with my family and I eat with them every day. I also don’t go out on Sunday because that is my family day. I like to chill with my friends especially during the holidays to meet and catch up with them. I am also beginning to rekindle my love for swimming after an absence of 2 years in NS. I swam for 8 or 9 years before I stopped competing.

Andrea: It must be so hard to train for 9 years; there is no music to listen to.

Jun Han: It’s actually not that boring because training is so difficult. It’s really tiring.

Andrea: For me, I like to run for recreation. I know it’s not a lot but this is my fourth week of running regularly so far. I decided to start running regularly properly because I had this on and off thing with running. One month has been the longest time that I have ran continually. I also like art; I listen to a lot of music, read. I like to make things such as birthday cards. I make jewellery too but I don’t really have the time for that anymore. Like Jun Han, I try to spend time with my friends and I am trying to make sure that people I care about know that. I also watch plays instead of movies.

Jun Han: I watched ‘Ah Boys To Men The Musical’ *and starts discussing about the handsome Benjamin Kheng*

2. What are you looking forward to when school starts?

Andrea: I’m looking forward to meeting new people because I was in Dunman High for 6 years.

Mandy: Did you join rag?

Andrea: No, because I am busy with moving house. I feel slightly detached from my OG unfortunately.

Jun Han: Meeting new friends is a given, like Andrea, I have been in the same school for quite long, but mine is 10 years. It has been a journey that allows me to discover myself; I had many fulfilling experiences in ACS that was non-academic. *Reminisces about his past as a councillor and swimmer.* I hope to find something that catches my fancy.

3. If you were to describe your partner as a food, what would he/she be? Why?

Andrea: Jun Han is a fishcake because he is so white. If it is more in depth, his personality is like a thai mango salad.

Jun Han: You’re setting the bar very high for me.

Andrea: I like mango salad.

Jun Han: If I am a mango salad, then Andrea is Thai chilli beef salad. She is sweet, hot, and kinda spicy. It is like her lively personality, unlike most of the other girls I have met, she is one of the most outgoing girls, who is pleasant at the same time.

4.Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

Jun Han: I like Japan that was the last place I went for holidays. I don’t like beaches for holidays.

Andrea: Japan is awesome. I’m more of a city person, so far my favourite is Japan.

5. If you could go somewhere with your partner, where would you go? Why?

Andrea: Japan

Jun Han: Japan

Both: We will go to Japan together since it is our favourite country and eat the awesome food there.

6. Dean’s List or Law Queen/King?

Both: Dean’s list lah

Andrea: There is not really a competition between Dean’s List and Pageant title.

7. What’s your favourite Instagram pose?

Andrea: I only have eleven photos on my Instagram and only one has my face in it. I don’t really use instagram often, so I don’t have a favourite Instagram pose.

Jun Han: I don’t really have a favourite instagram pose. I don’t know, I just smile and look nice for the camera.



8.What’s the most romantic thing you have done/ will do?

Andrea: Oh does it count towards a friend? I have never done anything romantic before. But I did something for a friend before, I made this giant card for her and spent six hours on it. For her sixteenth birthday, I baked and surprised her. I guess that is what I will do in the future.

Jun Han: I have never done anything romantic in particular. If it is for someone special, I want to surprise her as surprises are meaningful. When my friends gathered at my house to surprise me for my birthday, I was still happy to see them even though I kind of knew about their plan. The romantic thing I will do is to organise something for someone special, maybe not on her birthday but during the exam period. I might surprise her at her house when she wakes up.

Andrea: I can’t cook and if I cook for you, it means that our friendship/relationship is on another level.

Jun Han: Same here

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

Andrea: Mine is food in general. I really like to eat and can eat a lot.

Mandy: Do you like to go for buffets?

Andrea: Yeah I used to eat it very often, about average once a month. But now I don’t really eat a lot.

Jun Han: Mine is not eating… *Squints and thinks* I really really like watching food videos. When I am really hungry and don’t want to eat, I will watch food videos and it makes me really happy.

Andrea: Don’t you still feel hungry?

Jun Han: I feel more satisfied by watching videos than by eating. I feel full through watching them eat.

10. Tell us something interesting about yourself/something about yourself which no one else knows

Andrea: I am really adventurous in anything except food. I will do bungee jumping, white-water rafting etc. I really hope to do all these things. I haven’t met a rollercoaster that I dare not take on.

Jun Han: I’m opposite of that, I don’t enjoy rollercoasters. I am quite OCD about hygiene especially brushing my teeth. I must brush my teeth.

Andrea: Yah same brushing my teeth is important.

Jun Han: When I was in army, we had this exercise where we were all allocated a fixed amount of water. We were supposed to save water, but I had to make sure I brush my teeth twice a day. I used a lot of water to brush my teeth but I had enough water in the end.

Bonus qns:

For Andrea, do you wear your spectacles all the time?

Andrea: I wear my spectacles all the time unless it is absolutely necessary. I only wear contact lenses dailies during netball/major sport/performance/diving. I just received my license for diving. I prefer the comfort of wearing glasses and I am okay with how I look with it. A lot of people cannot recognise me without spectacles actually.

Jun Han: I kind of want to wear glasses too.

Andrea: It’s quite troublesome, sometimes I really wish I don’t have to wear it.

Jun Han: Okay I don’t want to wear it anymore.


For Jun Han, would you cut your hair for pageant?

Jun Han: I won’t cut it for pageant. Right now, I am trying to leave my hair out for it to be as long as possible. I will grow it until I can tie a proper man bun. I’m leaving it because I can and I am embracing the freedom I have now, after having restrictions on my hair in school and NS for so many years.



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Written by: Mandy Koh (Year 2) 

Photography by: Walter Seow (Year 2) and some by contestant



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