Many would contend that the pursuit of #instafame and #feedgoals is a highly noble one. As seen from the sacrifices of Instagram Husbands (, being a star on Instagram is pretty much a full-time job. Not everyone can do it, and pulling it off is not just any small achievement. Granted, one is not likely to land a training contract from being Insta-famous, but it’s never too late to strive for a glitzy life filled with sponsorships, travel plans, cafégrams and the adoration of everyone around you… now that’s something way more exciting than anything you could put in your resume. Rambling aside, Audrey and Ermy proudly present to you the BEST Instagram spots at BTC.


  • Upper Quad

This one is a no-brainer. Upper Quad is one of the most favoured and well-known spots to snap some really Tumblr-esque pictures, showing off the vast greenery and blue skies. Throw in the classic mysterious hand-holding pose (#followmeto) inspired by Murad Osmann, and sit back as you wait for the likes to pour in!




BTC Edition:

#FollowShiyinTo BTC (many thanks to Wenjie for lending us a hand, literally.)



Difficulty rating: 3/5 (Try not to dislocate the model’s arm. Could be a tort waiting to happen…)


  • Federal Doors

Pro-tip: wait for the setting sun (6pm-ish) for the leaping shadow effect that we achieved in this shot!




BTC Edition:

Ryo taking a Leap of Faith


Difficulty rating: 4/5 (Model must be willing to jump several times to achieve desired shot.)


  • Lower Quad (near Oei Tiong Ham entrance)

When life in law school gets too taxing and stressful, we highly recommend some easy yoga poses to stretch out your limbs as well as to achieve some semblance of a peace of mind. What better place to do yoga than in front of a line of serene bamboo trees?




BTC Edition:

Here we see the model Jen Whee being truly at one with nature. Almost mistook him for a panda there!


Difficulty rating: 1/5 (Depending on the difficulty of the yoga pose.)


  • Lower Quad (arched windows)

If clean lines, composition of shapes and white walls are your thing, check out this spot to snap your next Insta big hit!




BTC Edition:

Finals are drawing near and you can’t find a study spot. Fret not, (be like James), just hop on the window ledge and whip out your readings!



Difficulty rating: 3/5 (Requires some level of agility to climb on ledge. Please exercise caution.)


  • Stairwell at LKYSPP building

If you have no idea what to do with your hands during an #OOTD shot, there’s always the famous hair-tuck to fall back on!




BTC Edition:

Yanxuan: “Oh wow, what is that over there? I shall gleefully look at it while casually tucking my hair back!”


Difficulty rating: 2/5 (UGH can the passers-by stop staring already?)


  • Road outside C J Koh Law Library building

-cues background music-

-sunglasses on, SWAG on-

-wind direction favourable-

-pretends to check for traffic-

OK, now let’s cross the road.




BTC Edition:

Everythin’ on fleek with Genesa



Difficulty rating: 4/5  (Please exercise caution when checking for oncoming vehicles. Safety first, kids!)


  • Staircase behind Blue Bali restaurant

Frequented by select few individuals, not many would realise the photography potential of this somewhat clandestine location.




BTC Edition:

Dave succinctly encapsulates what law students feel on the daily grind — that is, exhaustion beyond effability.



Difficulty rating: 1/5 (If you look anything like Dave, any picture you take would make Tyra Banks cry tears of pride and delight. Unfortunately, if you are not Dave… I mean, you could always try other poses — the sky’s the limit to your imagination!)



We would like to sign off this article with a bonus tip to increase your Instagram “likes”: post your pictures at strategic timings where there is higher Insta-traffic! We would recommend between 6 — 9 pm, which is when most students and working adults would have ended school or work and are scrolling their Instagram feed in their commute.


#instagood (bye).



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