Just like how some flowers bloom once a year, here is our review on the annual block B party. This year’s edition of the much-anticipated Block B Party was jointly brought to us by NUS Law Club and LSIRC, it was definitely lit, both figuratively and literally –as seen from the tastefully-placed fairy lights. Kudos to the organisers for the great party.

No party is complete without food — and what a spread there was that evening! Queues instantly formed and the huge array of food and snacks provided by the organising team were quickly snapped up. Among the snacks provided were classic Singaporean favourites like satay. Piping hot, fresh off the grill, and paired with an aromatic mouth-watering peanut sauce, what is there to not like? Another crowd pleaser was the freshly made frozen yoghurt. Given how warm the days have been, it is unsurprising that the crowds were quickly won over. For those who wanted something lighter, there were also finger food options such as nachos, nuggets and good ‘ole french fries. With bellies well filled, and a pint of their choice in hand, everyone settled down for the performances.

For the audience, a great lineup awaited them! The evening was filled with tunes and acts that left listeners captivated. Their talents, as demonstrated by their outstanding performances, are a testament to the fact that there is life beyond law textbooks.  Those in the spotlight that evening included the very personable Caleb, Daryl, Jon Hwang and Ryan, who all performed admirably. Jemi and Jonathan performed the perfect duet, with their vocals melding beautifully. Next up, Justin, Jing Wen, accompanied by their accomplished guitarist Shou En, sang the all-time favourite “Rewrite the Stars” from the movie The Greatest Showman. Last but not least, the Rongooses, “Mongooses & Rongz” took the stage. This band, comprising of year 4 students, will also perform in the upcoming Law IV. For a better look at the multi-talented nature of law students, do consider buying tickets for the upcoming performance by our Year 4s. If this performance was anything to go by, their swan song to law school is certainly going to be unforgettable.

For the more adventurous amongst us, the organisers prepared a variety of activities too. Booths with darts, nerf guns and basketball littered the compound. Those who enjoy a challenge flocked to the booth named the  “Korean Spicy Noodles Challenge”. There were a couple of contenders who ran the gauntlet, and were seen slurping down the fiery noodles, seemingly undeterred by the heat. Another crowd favourite was the ring toss booth which one of our writers could not resist participating in. The outcome of the game however, is perhaps a story for another day.

Overall, this was an evening spangled with floral prints, brimming with fun and much delectable food.  The first week of the new semester ended well on a splendid high, well before the impending plunge into the actual grind of the Semester.  All the best to everyone in this upcoming semester!

Justified would like to thank NUS Law Club and LSIRC  for the photos.




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