Block B Party, an annual tradition to celebrate the start of the second semester, was held on the first Friday of Semester 2. This year’s edition of the much-anticipated Block B Party was jointly brought to us by NUS Law Club and LSIRC. Unlike previous renditions, the ambitious organisers this year opted for the Upper Quad, a larger space. And with the larger space, everything else became large-sized!

Large games: Shooting games? Think bigger! We had a rodeo bull station and a bouncy castle! With larger games, there seemed to be heightened enjoyment — people seemed to enjoy being thrown off bulls (no judgment here XD)!

(Photos arranged in increasing size order)

Large selection of food: This year, the organisers chose to bring in freshly-made food of the novel variety. After all, what is a party without good food? Food included Thai Ice Cream Rolls, Churros, Nuggets, Satay, Nachos and a lot more.

(Photos: Long queues at the various booths– best of all, everything was free!)

Finally, large talent! Basking in the glow of the wonderful golden hour, the audience were treated to a delightful list of outstanding talents who serenaded the crowd. The evening started off with Chill Dranks, an accomplished band with NUS Law’s Nonis, Vanessa, Wee Min, Andrew, Homer, along with their friend from SMU Law, Chuen Kai. Music does bring one together!

After them, two daring Year 1s performed solo. Journe and Yunze serenaded the crowds with their spectacular voices.

(Photo: Journe being supported by a very excited crowd)

(Photo: Yunze charming the crowd with just him and his guitar.)

Next, coming back for an encore was the impressive duo Jon & Jemi, who performed in last year’s Block B party.

Following them was the band Lawless, comprising of Jayesh, Homer, Andrew, Nonis and Hsien Weng. With his beautiful voice, Jayesh impressed the crowd.

Yufu, Jolene and Jolene then took the stage, stunning the audience with their musical talents.

Last but not least, Shou En and Ernest took the stage, charming everyone with an amazing performance.

As the event drew to a close, it was clear that this was merely the beginning of the night as excited friends streamed out of BTC to their next destinations 😉


[Photos by Justified, Creative Committee]

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