Life is easy when you wake up, put on a shirt and shorts, and just head off to school for lectures. Turn up in your pyjamas even! But when there is a formal event in school — worse still, one that you are scheduled to attend — a simple 5-minute morning routine could transform into an hour-long disaster. What do you wear? What colour? Is this too much skin? Chest hair or no chest hair?

Alas, sometimes inspiration just doesn’t come to us. Especially not on Monday mornings. So we caught up with some students who almost always seem to be dressed for the occasion, and asked for some tips!


Ho Ming Hua, GLB 3

The Wardrobe: Skirt by Warehouse, Jacket by Tokito


Keeping in mind the hot weather, Ming Hua dons a sleeveless top for comfort. To create the smart and formal look, she opts for a black pencil skirt and pumps. A short blazer finishes off the look.


Describe your style

Casual Professional. I guess it’s a reflection of my personality, I’m a pretty formal person. I do have to make concessions though, due to Singapore’s climate, hence the casual.

What is your style philosophy?

Don’t follow the latest trends because they never last.  Dress in a way that suits you and exudes confidence because that style will last forever ;).


What are some essential fashion accessories everyone should have?

This sounds cliché but for ladies … an LBD is an essential fashion item.  It can take you from day to night and casual to formal.

In terms of accessories — a pearl necklace will last you a lifetime and a good pair of ballet flats is a must.

What is something you would like to add to your wardrobe?

A new good quality leather jacket — the one I have right now has lived through many winters!

What is your most important style tip?

In general, QUALITY not quantity — meaning one good dress rather than five mediocre pieces that will sit at the back of your wardrobe.


In the context of networking —

  • Don’t feel obligated to wear the moot-style black and white combination
  • Keep it simple
  • Wear something that you’re comfortable with and makes you feel confident — this will make a big difference when you communicate with your future employers and colleagues.

… it’s 50% smarts and 50% acting like you have the smarts :P!



Rachel Yeoh, GLB 2

The Wardrobe: Top and Skirt from ZARA


You don’t need a blazer to look smart! Rachel wears a long-sleeved top as replacement, which is perfect for casual hangouts after formal occasions. The sapphire colour stands out amongst the neutral black skirt and flats.


Describe your style

Functional and understated.

I am not a particularly adventurous dresser and appreciate subtlety in clothing. I enjoy clothes that last a long time — once I find an item I like, I tend to rewear it a lot, or buy the same piece in several different shades!

What is your style philosophy?

Dress for your body type and invest in durable pieces.

In the context of school networking events, you can’t go wrong with neutral shades.


What are some essential fashion accessories everyone should have?

Accessories with a practical purpose. For example, big bags with sturdy straps, because I can keep heavy things into them like my laptop.

(Editor’s note: Basically function over fashion. The big bosses will be impressed when they note your thoughtful choice of accessories.)

Whatever it is, it’s worth investing in pieces with longevity in mind.

What is something you would like to add into your wardrobe?

A pair of versatile black leather heels.

What is your most important style tip?

Make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing! In a networking event, you should focus on the conversation at hand and not be preoccupied with adjusting the length of your skirt/pulling up your shirt.





Lee Jin Loong, 22 years old, LLB 2


Describe your style

I’d have to go with ‘Casual Athleisure’. But of course you cannot be wearing that to a networking session.

There is no need to make a bee-line for the ‘Oxford shoes’ section each time — you can keep it casual yet presentable with a clean pair of shoes!

What is your style philosophy?

Comfort is a must. And keeping it clean and simple. Sometimes I sneak a little surprise detail like a mandarin collar!

What are some essential fashion accessories everyone should have?

A nice automatic watch.


What is something you would like to add to your wardrobe?

More shirts because I really have very few haha!

What is your most important style tip?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and as long as you like it that’s all that matters! In the context of networking, an extravagantly-formal attire is not going to look good if it is not at your usual level of formality. Keep it real.



Hopefully, these tips will be of some help!



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