Small people, big hearts — Nicholas and Grace

Every year, freshman get a chance to dress to the nines, indulge in fine dining, and pretend that they are sophisticated. Well not every year, but this was the first year back for Dinner and Dance after a strangely absent 2016 rendition cough salt cough, and the enthusiasm was shared by both the new kids as well as the jaded second years. It was a time for all to have fun, and also escape from the impending reality of a new academic year. Read on to see what happened at Dinner and Dance 2017.

The night’s emcees were the lovely Joyce Chew and the loser writing this article (that’s me by the way, hi). After some awkward jokes and attempts at levity, the pageant contestants were introduced, kicking off the main event for the night. The contestants this year were made up of Diedre and Hansel, Karyn and Jun Hao, Khe Han and Tanya, Jerry and Felicia, and finally, Nicholas and Grace.

The crowd was wowed with a display of grace, elegance and wit … and after the emcees were done, the pageant contestants began their individual catwalks. Complete with the traditional cheesy handshakes, butt bumps, snaps, high fives, the individual catwalk showed off all the practice and hard work that had transformed these once awkward kids into project runway hopefuls.

License to thrill — Khe Han and Tanya


After the individual catwalk, the partners teamed up and showed off their chemistry, with the particular highlight being Jerry and Felicia’s homage to Dirty Dancing, giving everyone the time of their life.

Nobody puts baby in a corner – Jerry and Felicia


Not sure if trust fall or dance moves — Hansel and Karyn

After strutting their stuff, the contestants got a chance to perform for the crowded room, with the theme being High School Musical. Khe Han and Tanya showed some dynamic chemistry as they danced to. Hansel and Diedre made everyone’s hearts flutter with a waltz to “Can I Have this Dance”. Grace wowed the audiences with a one woman show, with her partner, Nick, giving her emotional support from the side. Good on you Nick! Karyn and Jun Hao were fabulous in their performance. Finally, Jerry and Felicia performed a creative number, mashing up Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” with “You are the Music in Me”.

When the partners complete each other – Karyn and Junhao


Jerry and Felicia wowing audiences


After a short intermission where the freshmen got a chance to take some photos and help themselves to the international buffet, it was the senior’s turn to entertain the freshman. Chris “Kilo” Kwee dropped his newest song for the whole crowd, entertaining the room with his sick rhymes and comedic style. Next, Julia Emma D’cruz and Goh Qiqing serenaded the crowd with the tunes of Adele and Jason Mraz, with Yohannes tearing it up on keyboard.

Kilo telling us what is up

Qiqing and Julia performing

There was a tearful moment as the freshmen showed their gratitude to the OGLs with a creative and well put together video compilation. The night of gratitude did not end there however, as Foo Kai Siang got up on stage and thanked the FOCC with a ummm… “dance”. Showing some solidarity, the rest of the OGLs got up on the stage and showed off their moves. You would think that the night of embarrassment would end there, but the organizers decided to put the OGLs in the limelight once more, making them dance with their freshmen. Some OGs went for the sensual, some went for the spectacular, and some went for the downright ridiculous.

Yinz looks on in amazement


Alex…I’m flying

Imma let you finish… But FOCC17 was the best of all time

All whilst this was happening, the votes were being counted, collated and finalized by the organizing committee. When it was all done, the pageant results were announced, with the customary drumroll.

And, the law king and queen for 2017 were…

Jerry and Grace! This writer would like everyone to note that the winners this year were the tallest and shortest respectively — so cute.

All hail the King — Law King 2016, Edgar Leung hands over the crown


All hail the Queen — Law Queen 2016, Yvette Tay will finally stop playing “I’m the law queen” card

Despite the beginning of a new reign, the other contestants also walked away with titles to their name:

Mr and Mrs Personality were Nick and Felicia

Mr and Mrs Talented were Hansel and Diedre

Mr and Mrs Popularity were Jun Hao and Karyn

Mr and Mrs Photogenic were Khe Han and Tanya.

Thank you to all who made this wonderful night possible, and good luck to the freshmen in their law school journey!
Photos by: Claire and Toh Han


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