As a first year law student, I find myself already prone to the occupational hazard of defining terms before embarking on any course of business. Hence, to wit, what constitutes a mooncake? The variety and amalgamation of cakes today has essentially blurred the lines as to what can be called a mooncake (as opposed to, well, a cake or pastry). Does the cake have to be round like the moon or does the texture play a part too? But then again, most cakes are round and it will seem like this test will ‘almost always be satisfied’. (I did warn you!) What about ice-cream mooncakes or even jelly mooncakes? Do these pass the test too?

Well, if these are the questions that you have in mind, you have come to the wrong place! In this food column, you will find yourself in the safe and nurturing hands of unprejudiced and unbiased authors, who seek only to bring justice to good food. We may not be blindfolded or holding scales in our hands, but we sure as hell have a sword, or you know, a toothpick (it still counts ok!).

‘Twas the night before Sunday when my co-writer and I strolled down Takashimaya Square to preview the endless stalls of mooncake vendors. Armed with a toothpick each, we jostled through the throng of likeminded (you know what I mean, wink wink) Singaporeans and set out to taste each and every mooncake sample that was available. As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, most of you (or your mothers, rather) would have stocked up on these delectable pastries. For those of you who have yet to acquire them, we now provide you with some select choices. Whether you are the mugger (who’s too busy to go out and sample these mooncakes), the disgruntled boyfriend (who has been emotionally blackmailed into buying some for your prospective in-laws), or the foodie (who’s tired of all the mediocre ones), pay close attention right now!

(Disclaimer: Due to the partiality of your authors, the following article will comprise mooncakes of only the snow skin variety.)

Editor’s Note: According to Wikipedia, “in Chinese culture, a round shape symbolizes completeness and unity. Thus, the sharing of round mooncakes among family members signify the completeness and unity of families.” However a citation was needed for this piece of information so we can’t guarantee this.

Editor’s Note: Wah cannot tank.

Editor’s Note: Grand Hyatt’s include flavors such as: Green Tea with Sake Truffle, Yam with Coconut Truffle, White Lotus with XO Truffle, Champagne Truffle and Lychee Martini Truffle (seriously).

Gazing upon aisle after aisle of promotional booths, we naturally made a beeline for the hotels renowned for their mouthwatering seasonal treats. Grand Hyatt’s Black Sesame Yuzu Truffle and Green Tea with Sake Truffle did not disappoint, thoroughly tantalizing our taste buds and left us craving for seconds. To our utmost delight, the promoters happily obliged. Price: $62 (8pieces/ box)

For you green tea lovers out there, try out Ritz-Carlton’sMini Snowskin Green Tea Paste. Its flavour is unique in that it is faint yet distinct, leaving a lingering aroma that gently caresses the interior of our mouths. Price: $45 (6 pieces/ box)

Paradise Group further boasted assorted flavours (complete with fancy names): Revitalising Green Apple, Energizing Orange, Summery Pomelo and Rejuvenating Cranberry. It has by far the most exquisite packaging we’ve seen thus far and with its colourful snowskin flavours, makes for an excellent gift (hint hint disgruntled boyfriends). Price: $52 (4 pieces/box)

Baker’s Well introduced some novel flavours including the Snowskin Mooncake with Champange Truffle [centre]. As regular patrons of the summit tehping, we were necessarily intrigued by the Snowskin Mooncake with Milk Tea Truffle and its smooth texture truly marked it as one of the best items we sampled in the fair. Price: $52 (8pieces/box)

Sound the battle horns. The Mooncake Wars have officially begun.

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