O hark, all ye law school mates,

FOCC Pro Bono brings you updates.

Of freshmen stirring lives and hearts,

All before school even starts.


Legal Awareness Workshops @ Northlight,

Teaching kids what the law deems right.

Every kid should be in the know,

Of their rights the law bestows.

For grades never did define one’s future,

Every child deserves an equal shot for sure.

Photo 1

Chest-practically-bursting-from-his-shirt-Chester demonstrating why it’s a bad idea to take drugs before your first date… and every other occasion too basically

Photo 2

Photo 3

The LAWN 2014 team!


Though not all get a shot at legal clinics,

To our participants, we pray one lesson sticks —

Legal help doesn’t come cheap,

For some, costs are pretty darn steep.

With what you have, do what you can,

Make a difference for your fellow man.


When there’s a will, there’s a way,

Writing one gives our elderly a say.

Golden Years raises this and other concerns,

That we wish for the young and old to learn;

Our today was bought with a yesterday of blood, sweat, tears,

The least we could do was to bring some joy and cheers;

Life lessons from men with wisdom equal to a sage,

That we may all be the hope of a better age.

Photo 4

Mannerism Mark demonstrating that apart from lifting weights, he’s pretty good at lifting spirits too

Photo 5

Photo 6

Xbox Kinect for Kreta Ayer Seniors Activity Centre, proudly sponsored by Jones Day

Photo 7

The volunteers at Golden Years 2014!



We express our heartfelt admiration,

To all who toiled to bring in donations.

Flag Day cans light enough to float in the air,

Or full, we certainly don’t compare.

Lighthouse School benefits from every cent,

(Google them to find out where that money went).

Photo 8

Not where the stickers go, bro

Photo 9


Who cares if they haven’t started school,

Burning hearts are our freshmen’s greatest tool.

Drafting forms with flair for VWOs,

To aid them on the details they disclose.

But PDPA-matters are a mere facet of Project Compass,

For we believe client interaction is a must.

A bright sunny morning on August the fourth,

Our freshmen and MINDS clients set forth.

A day of utilizing some artistic expertise,

To colour and design otherwise plain white tees.

For a ‘disability’ is a societal label,

In our own right, all men are capable.

Photo 10

Artistic Ashley showing her fanclub a bit of her artistic skillz

Photo 11

Photo 12

Photo 13

Project Compass 2014!

Even if you believe it isn’t so,

There are truly more in need than we know.

We don’t need a degree to show,

That we can change the status quo.

So don’t just go with the flow.

Stand up and do some pro bono!


Article By: FOCC Pro Bono Committee 2014, led by the Dashing Daniel Ng (Year 2)

Photography By: Joseph Gwee (Year  1), Angela Ang (Year 2), Derrick Koh (Year 3)

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