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DearYoungerSelf - Bao Huei, Recent Law Graduate

by Justified in Dear Younger Self

Bao Huei is a recent graduate from NUS Law, where he organised student activities and took part in moots. He is a recreational reader, tennis player and a full-time cat slave dad. Dear Bao Huei,  You’ve just lost the Grand Finals of the LAWASIA Moot for your team – a...

DearYoungerSelf - Erin Chua, Recent Law Graduate

by Justified in Dear Younger Self

Erin Chua is a recent law graduate that enjoys volunteering. In her final year, she had the fortune of applying what she learnt from the textbooks in real life by volunteering with Students for a Safer NUS. Before graduating, outside of attempting to complete her never-ending list of readings, she...

Attorney-Generals Cup 2019

by Justified in Just Happened

As everyone busies for the start of another gruelling semester, the mooting season is picking up speed. Kicking things off is the annual Attorney General’s Cup (AG Cup). After four gruelling knockout rounds, the finalists from both NUS and SMU readied for the competition to take home the coveted...

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