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The Show Must Go On - LawArts

by Justified in Arts & Culture

Are you tired of studying all the time? Have you considered picking up a new hobby? Well look no further because “LawArts” is a new project launched by the 40th Law Club to provide you an opportunity to cultivate and showcase your artistic talents. Among the range of activities that...

IPPT Gold - the Kicking Guy Way!

by Justified in Humans of BTC

(Note: This article was written in December 2018, well before the coronavirus pandemic. Please use your discretion when exercising outdoors – don’t run near others and you can consider wearing a face mask even though it’s not mandatory, because there are always sabo-kings who don’t follow the rules....

Attorney-Generals Cup 2019

by Justified in Just Happened

As everyone busies for the start of another gruelling semester, the mooting season is picking up speed. Kicking things off is the annual Attorney General’s Cup (AG Cup). After four gruelling knockout rounds, the finalists from both NUS and SMU readied for the competition to take home the coveted...

Beyond Impossible: Alternative Meats

by Justified in Inter alia

Meat. A rare, four letter word which causes many to salivate.   A symbolic centerpiece of plenty, fine cuts of beef (think the not-so-recent hype over Wylarah) to the humble pig (such as Jamón Ibericó de Bellota) are opulent representatives of fine-dining. With wealthier populations and globalization complemented by favorable...

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